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Welcome to VIP Rakeback where we bring you the top Poker Rakeback Deals for your favorite online poker rooms. We provide our online poker players the Highest Payout Rakeback and Bonus Deals available and the World's Most POWERFUL Referral Program! Questions? Visit our FAQ

Like many poker players, you are living on a poker budget and know that every dollar counts. When you gamble at an online poker room, you always have a percentage taken out of your winnings that goes to the ‘house.’ Have you ever wondered how you could get some of those earnings back? This is the reason that VIPRakeBack exists. Some players will spend years online before they realize there is a better way to make more money. In these cases, when they see their first cash deposit from VIPRakeBack, they know that this is how they will make the jump from amateur to pro – and get every possible cent they earn. If you are curious about how this actually works as a business model; read on. Poker websites need the exposure and pay marketing affiliates like VIP Rakeback for every customer that signs up to their poker rooms.

Take back the house

When you receive your first rakeback payment, you will see that VIPRakeBack is willing to ensure each player gets every percentage they are due. In addition, exclusive contests mean freeroll packages to rake races for tens of thousands of dollars. Keep in mind, VIPRakeBack is also for professional players that need some extra cash. In addition to saving money, our VIP Poker promotions will help you to have a more enjoyable experience.

What to expect

Are you skeptical about past rakeback systems where the affiliate refused to pay you in a timely or reasonable manner? Behind the scenes at VIPRakeBack, you will have a quick email response to your questions, trustworthy and honest service, and a reliable turnaround on your online poker rakeback. Before you sign up with a new poker website, be sure to check out our offers and see if we can help you have a big payoff every time you play. One of our most popular offers gives you Sharkscope, the deep informational tool for learning about your opponents, for free, every month.

When you visit VIPRakeBack, you will soon see your favorite poker rooms and VIP offers with savings starting at 35%. However, VIPRakeBack has more to offer than your standard rakeback website. For instance, we like to keep our customers informed with things like legislation, and the latest in-house promotions.

We also show our extensive bonuses that range 100% to 200% up to $500 to $2000, and exclusive promotions. Some of the promotions and bonus codes in the past have included a $5,000 poker challenge, poker $5000 free rolls, and $15,000 races.

Who is VIPRakeBack?

Our background entails a goal to be a dependable rakeback affiliate that gains the support of customers and their referrals. By forming solid business relationships with poker rooms around the world, we help them by advertising and they pay VIPRakeBack customers royally. For this reason, we only select websites ahead of the game that know the value of a loyal customer base that plays regularly.

When you click out on our links and play poker with your friends, the websites reward us by paying commission. We pass that money on to you which is often up to 75%. In some cases, this means you have over $500K a month of exclusive deals to choose from.

VIPRakeBack’s best deals

When you see a rakeback offer, be sure to click on it to find the best deals from the poker rooms we all know and trust. Applying to these rakeback offers only takes a matter of seconds and you start getting cash back right away. One problem customers have is that they want an offer that is associated with a website they are already a member of. If you are in this situation, do not worry. All you need to do is sign up for a new room.

Day in the life of VIPRakeBack

Once you sign up, your daily routine will include coming back to VIPRakeBack to check for new offers, seeing how much money you earned that day, and checking an outline of your statistics. Once a month, you will get your rakeback accumulation on time into the account you indicate at sign up. You can also add to that monthly sum by becoming an affiliate or making a referral.

Passive income from VIPRakeBack

Do you have friends that like to play poker as much as you do? When you see the money start to rack up in your rakeback account and you receive your first payment, you will know, like other customers, that we are as good as gold. By referring a friend or becoming an affiliate of our website, you will earn a percentage of their earnings every time they play.

This style of earning is as easy as posting an affiliate link to your Twitter account, or messaging with your poker friends when you are chatting during the game. You can also link out with your website or by posting the link in your blog. Each time someone clicks on your link and starts playing, you earn cold hard cash. Everyone would love to have some passive income, and that is what you will get by signing up as an affiliate or referring a friend with VIPRakeBack. Over time, it is possible to surpass your own rakeback earnings – without lifting a finger. This means that, even when you lose, you are still winning.

Special VIPRakeBack Programs

Just like our name implies, we cater toward the VIP. After signing up, your continued to dedication to playing poker and telling your friends about it means getting promotions that give you the biggest cut possible. These take the forms of VIP rewards, loyalty programs, and exclusive promotions. For example, websites that we promote at VIPRakeBack take notice of whom their top customers are. They also want to keep your steady stream of referrals coming in. In order to make them memorable in your eyes, they will continue to give you a bigger percentage of their cut as their profits increase.

At VIPRakeBack, it is not unheard of to have over half a million dollars a month of extra ways to earn every month including contests and cash prizes for top earners. There is enough for everyone and new opportunities are always being created. For all of these reasons, feel free to jump into the rakeback pool! Copyright 2012