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VIP Rakeback Offers
partypoker 30% VIP
PKR 32%
Red Star Poker 30%
bwin 30% VIP
VIP Bonus Offers
Poker Stars
100% up to $600
Titan Poker
200% up to $2000
Poker: €40 Welcome Pack with first €10 deposit
Sports: Bet £10, Get £30
BetSafe Poker
Up to $2500
30% VIP
Coral Poker
Deposit £5, Get £20 in Tournament Tokens + 100% up to £200
Stimulus Plan

VIP Invite Stimulus Plan - Referral Program

Earn Between 4%-12% of the RAKE Generated by Your Referrals!

Personalized Refer a Friend VIP Invite Link

Referring your friend to VIPRakeback is simple and easy with our instant Referral Link Builder available below when logged in.

Our VIP Invite Stimulus Plan will NOT affect anyone's Rakeback amount and you will still earn Multi-Tier Referral commissions!

For every player you directly invite to VIPRakeback.net, you will earn 4-11% of the RAKE that they generate for life! In addition, with our Multi-Tier VIP Invite Referral Structure, you will earn a % of the rake generated by those invited by your direct referrals and even their referrals! See the table below for details.

Direct Referral Rates

VIP Rakeback Referral Rates
Titan Poker (Sign in to view) 12%
Carbon Poker 10%
Cake Poker 5%
All Other Sites 4%

Multi-Tier Referrals

Multi-Tier Referral Rates for Carbon & Titan Referrals
Tier 1 Variable According to Above
Tier 2 3 %
Tier 3 2 %
Multi-Tier Referral Rates for All Other Sites
Tier 1 Variable According to Above
Tier 2 1 %
Tier 3 .5 %


Multi-Tier Referrals

If you refer Player A, you receive a share of that player's rake (rates explained above). Now if Player A refers Player B, you ALSO earn a share of Player B's generated rake! Finally, if Player B refers Player C, both YOU and Player A and B will earn a % of Player C's generated rake!


We want to make it clear that our referral % is based on the Total Monthly Generated RAKE by your referred players; NOT based on the RAKEBACK they receive, as that would be substantially less! We guarantee to payout World-Class Competitive Referral Commissions.

Please make a small deposit and play one raked hand in order to activate your account for referral commissions. It is against our policy to refer yourself to VIPRakeback.net. If we suspect that you are doing so, we reserve the right to close both of your accounts and deny any rakeback payments. Please DO NOT refer yourself to avoid losing your accounts with us.

Full Tilt Referral Notice: On March 15th, 2010, Full Tilt Poker changed their policies limiting the amount rakeback providers will earn from new referrals. They have literally cut referral commissions in more than half. We will therefore offer a Level 1 referral commission of 1% only at Full Tilt. If you've made a referral before March 15th, 2010, you will earn our standard 4% plus multi-tier referral commissions.

*We offer 6%+ Referral Commissions to members whose Level 1 referred player's MGR is $25,000+. We stand by our promise to strive to offer our members the HIGHEST Referral Payouts available Online.

NOTE: If you wish to receive commission for referring traffic to VIPRakeback.net, be sure to create an account, login, and your Personalized Referral Link and the Banners below will automatically include your referral code. If using a banner, copy/paste ALL the code onto your website and you're set!

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